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The token symbols $burnedFi (shortened as $burn) and $burnBuild (shortened as $build) are used in the following references. Convert your $burn tokens into an equivalent amount of $BNB and mint $build tokens as proof. Assumption: Burning 1000 $burn tokens worth 1 $BNB will mint 1 $build token as your proof. Simultaneously, an additional 1 $build token will be minted and distributed to all $build holders [based on $build holdings]. If you are the first to burn $burn tokens worth 1 $BNB, you will receive 1 $build and 1 $build reflection, totaling 2 tokens. When the second burn, with tokens worth 2 $BNB, occurs, the participant will receive 2 $build proofs and 1 $build reflection. You will also receive 1 $build (as you occupy 50% of the share). And so on! - Claim Rewards: Reward calculation: Your holdings of $build - Your proof (build) = BNB reward you can claim. Assuming your initial burn value was 1 $build (proof), when you accumulate 10 $build, you can claim a reward of 9 $BNB! Regardless of the quantity of your $build proofs, they will be reset to zero when you claim the reward. Don't claim rewards too easily; leave them for community development. - Invite Rewards: When a burner uses your link to burn $burn tokens, you can receive a 10% reward in $burn tokens. If you were also invited, the person who invited you can also receive a 5% reward in $burn tokens. The remaining $burn tokens will be transferred to the black hole (0xdead) address, at least 85%.
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