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What is the project about? CAVIAR ($CVR), a liquid wrapper from Tangible, removes the complexity and commitment of ve(3,3), creating a simple token for nearly any level of crypto investor. Weekly voting, locking, token management and everything else have been fully automated leaving users with single, simple, high-yield token to stake. What makes your project unique? Stated above History of your project. Launched today 17th Aug What’s next for your project? Intergration and partnerships with Pearl and Beefy finance team, they shall be creating a vault and hosting an AMA dedicated to teaching their users about CVR What can your token be used for? CAVIAR ($CVR) is a self-sustaining liquid-wrapper for locked tokens vePEARL, the governance token of the Pearl Exchange. The main advantage of CAVIAR lies in its streamlined access to outstanding vePEARL yields, paid to voters, and CAVIAR stakers, in the stablecoin $USDR. CAVIAR promises to be a substantial source of income for both the CAVIAR users as well as Tangible 3,3+ locked token holders, who will receive 20% of the vePEARL yield.
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