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Holdstation is a Smart Contract Wallet tailored for Futures Trading on zkSync Era, allowing users to seamlessly interact with smart contracts and DeFi applications. Holdstation offers users a powerful tool to explore decentralized applications and trade futures with high leverage options. With Account Abstraction implementations, Holdstation introduces a range of user-centric features such as Paymaster, Batch Transactions, Seedless Recovery, and Spending Limits, all contributing to an enhanced and user-friendly experience. These functionalities demonstrate the team's commitment to offering a pragmatic and efficient platform for users to engage with decentralized applications and trade futures. HOLD (Holdstation's governance token) serves as the backbone of the Holdstation protocol, offering core functions such as fee payments, protocol governance, incentivization (in-apps benefits), protocol insurance. The token holders are incentivized to hold a minimum balance to maximize their future earnings under the protocol. Holding more HOLD will increase the chances of receiving future token rewards. HOLD token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model as a general principle. This means that as time passes, the token emission decreases according to a fixed schedule. This distribution model is designed to reward users who stake or hold tokens for longer periods.
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