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What is the project about? Mozaic provides AI-optimized yield and liquidity strategies, powered by LayerZero. Our Dapp allows users to deposit into our vaults where their assets will be managed by our AI, Archimedes. Developed in house for over year, our AI boasts a 54% improvement over 'Set-and-forget' strategies and our Dapp features an intuitive UI, designed to simplify yield farming for any investor regardless of their level of knowledge. What makes your project unique? 1. AI blackbox strategies (cannot be forked) 2. Proprietary data extraction tool 3. Omnichain technology 4. Automated portfolio rebalancing History of your project. Previously our experience was at Star Beta crypto firm in Sydney and Percolata AI company in Silicon Valley. We have been focused on building out automated AI solutions to simplify DeFi. After a year of testing, we have completed our AI, Archimedes which boasts a 9.3% edge over our competitors. What’s next for your project? We are planning to have 5 AI vaults live before the end of the year. We plan to introduce dual side LP strategies, looping and more. What can your token be used for? MOZ is a pure governance token on launch. The community will decide what is next.
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