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What is the project about? unshETH is a liquid staking derivatives protocol that aims to act as a router and liquidity hub for LSDs, all in one -- stakers can access the best yield via unshETH, and LSDs can tap into a liquidity hub for both incoming deposits of staked ETH, and liquidity for their LSDs. What makes your project unique? We are the first DeFi protocol built natively on top of LSDs and have coined the phrase "LSDfi" which now describes several DeFi projects building on top of LSDs. History of your project. We launched about 4 weeks ago on Ethereum mainnet and now have nearly $2mm TVL and about $250k liquidity for our token. What’s next for your project? We have several integrations with LSDs and DeFi protocols on ETH L1, and will be expanding to other EVM chains in the next 5 weeks. We will also release a reference implementation of our new EIP-1435, designed to facilitate optimal routing of LSDs. What can your token be used for? USH serves as both a governance token for adjusting the parameters and rules of the unshETH protocol modules, and a staking token that is used as a "bond" in a PoS-like system to ensure LSDs participating in unshETH do not "misbehave".
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