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Wombat is a Web 3 Gaming Platform and is the only app a gamer needs to discover & play high-quality Web 3 games and to access & interact with NFTs on all major blockchains. Wombat empowers gamers to participate in the virtual economy, monetize playing time & achievements and adds a social dimension to gaming NFTs ownership The overall goal for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform is to become a social gaming experience ("The Wombatverse") based upon NFTs. In this Wombatverse, users can act and react to NFTs they or their friends own and transact with, customize their avatars and their apps and share their own gaming successes and adventures with the outside world. There are 3.2B gamers in the Web 2 world. With the rise of interest in play-to-earn games, there is still a lack of easy onboarding and game discovery solutions for everyday players. Wombat brings millions of gamers from Web 2 into Web 3 by offering the smoothest experience at the nexus of both worlds.
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